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The success of a company's performance is driven mainly by the excellence of their human resources. With The TopBrass you get the benefit of in-depth executive search skills along with the knowledge and contacts we have built over the years in the very same specialty that they serve. We have created independent business units which provide cutting-edge capabilities for the functions listed below.

Healthcare Recruitments  
Doctor Recruitments  
Team Recruitments with Specialists  
Teleradiology Set Up Consulting  
Business consulting and feasibilities for new ventures  
Tie-ups and M&A  

In each of the above areas we have gained the respect and confidence of our clients by our disciplined approach and detailed analysis of client requirements.

Turnkey Healthcare Projects

The turnkey healthcare solutions provide a 360 degree knowledge capital to a hospital project. From feasibility study and land allocation to the ideal business mix, The TopBrass provides consultancy on all aspects of healthcare facility Development.

The project in divided into various segments. The client can choose the services required based on the project need.

Following are the projects we get associated with

Hospitals and research institutes.  
Healthcare education delivery projects, colleges, training institutes etc  
Health and wellness Resorts  
Hospital canteens, catering and facility management systems.  

Our involvement in the project can be either:

Healthcare Technical Services  
Facility Planner for complete Project  
Project managers  

The turnkey project services include

Feasibility Study, Site identification and evaluation  
Business Plan Creation  
Architect and design coordination  
Facility planning  
Human Resource recruitment and training  
Operational Support  
Marketing Support  
Franchise tie up or development  

Recruitment and executive search

At The TopBrass, we provide recruitment solutions with a high degree of professionalism and confidentiality. Our understanding and involvement with the service industry has come about over many years. We consider our relationships with our clients and candidates as our assets.

We plan our processes on two fields first one is the Human Resource match, where a human resource specialist scans the resumes for a team match and family match. Once the human resource part is matched (salary, location, timings etc) then a domain specialist scans the shortlisted resumes for an operational match (if the candidate credentials match the technical requirements of the position) these are specialist doctors in the particular faculty!

In our recruitment process we strive to find the perfect match between the employers and the candidates, something which we achieve by going the extra mile to really get to know both. We work towards the point where we identify the right skill sets, personality types and life ambitions to fit the right work culture.

Our search methodology involves identifying hidden gems among the professionals in the industry. We believe in providing provide human resource solutions rather than human resource for organizations

Training and Development:
The essence of each training program conducted by The TopBrass is to transform the participant from being a departmental worker to experience creator. It is imperative for any successful healthcare venture to have employees who want to serve the patients rather than being made to serve the patients.

Besides skill acquisition and up gradation workshops, The TopBrass training modules emphasise on attitudinal transformation.

There are options of canned training products and customized training programs. Depending on the time duration and skill set requirement the trainers at The TopBrass recommend the best format.

The modules undertaken are :

Emergency medical care  
Patient safety  
NABL preparatory training  
NABH documentation Training  
Front line staff training  
Soft Skills training  
Medical Protocols training  
Patient counselling  
Food Service  
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